Can I land at peace arch if my COPR lists Ontario and Toronto?


I am planning to do a soft landing at peace Arch in BC but my COPR has province of destination as Ontario and city of destination as Toronto? The category listed on my copr is SW1.

Has anyone done this?


Yes, you can.
Unless you are immigrating via Quebec, it’s a non issue where you complete your landing.

Hi there,
Similar question on the same subject: my intended province is BC, but I’m hoping to cross the border (me by car from US, my partner by flight into montreal), and then drive cross country to BC. Will this be a problem to enter into Quebec?

If you and your partner are landing separately then the only thing to keep in mind is that the primary applicant must land first.

Otherwise you can enter Canada from any port of entry. Even if you plan to land in another province and your destination is Quebec, then you must let the border official know and have your CSQ with you.

Thanks for the response @panditji . This is maybe a dumb question… but what is a CSQ? To clarify, our intended province to live in is BC, but we plan to cross the border in Quebec.

I have another question on the same subject too, if you happen to know:
He will land by airplane into Montreal while I will be traveling by car from Vermont, USA. He is our primary applicant so he must land first. If he lands by plane, and I cross the border by car just a couple hours after his flight lands, will that be enough time for them to recognize that he has already landed?

Thank you for your help!

CSQ is the certificate of selection issued by Quebec to Permanent Residents that they invite to settle in Quebec.

Technically as long as the primary applicant lands before the secondary applicants and dependents it shouldn’t be an issue.

But it’s not quite clear and somewhat suspect that both of you want to land in Quebec with BC being your destination province. It makes sense for someone from Vermont crossing at the nearest land crossing but why can’t your partner fly to Toronto or Vancouver?

As long as your intentions are not to settle in Quebec, I think you would be fine but it’s worth talking to a professional about this if you have doubts. Mind you, if you wanted to settle in Quebec that would be fine too but in that case you should land elsewhere and then move to Quebec. As a permanent resident you have absolute legal rights to settle in any Canadian province.

Ok, thank you for your help!