Can I live in a different province than where my company is registered in Canada, when transferred on ICT?


My company is transferring me to Canada (Ontario) under ICT work visa category. Can I live in a different province other than where my company is registered?

I plan to use these ICT points after a year to boost my CRS (which today is lingering around 400+). Does living in a different province create any issue with PR application (assuming it is taken for granted that my address should be in same city/province where my office is located)?

Any insights here will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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You need to check this with Immigration Canada but generally, for most work permits, you must work at the location shown on the work permit but there’s no restriction on where you can live. The permit usually only shows a city and a company name and no stated restriction on residency but you could have trouble, for example, registering for OHIP or RAMQ (Government Health care) if you changed your residential address to a different province before registering.