Can I move to Canada after 2 years of Soft landing?

Hello all!
I got my COPR and Stamp on Passport today. This forum has helped me all along and I am very grateful. I will be doing my soft landing in Feb end or March.

I don’t have any friends who are willing to help me get my PR Card and mail it to me. I am on H1B and want to continue working till the visa expires. I would be moving to canada in 2022.

My questions are:

  1. Now that I know I can’t receive my PR card, do I have to apply for PTRD when I get back to US asap and continue doing that till 2022? Or can I apply when I would be moving there only one time in 2022?

  2. Will not applying for PTRD asap hamper my Permanent Residency in any way?

  3. Do I have to move permanently in a definite amount of time after my soft landing? Can I do that in 2022?

IMO, PRTD is typically for lost card cases, and some forums I read suggested it’s not something you can rely on because it takes time to get it. But I never applied for it so I may be wrong about this.

  1. If you are not traveling to Canada frequently or never travel to Canada till you move there then you don’t need a PRTD unless you do your final move or visits by flight or public transport.

If you cross land border, your CoPR is enough (along with passport). This helps quite a bit (I crossed border like this at Niagara twice in car and it worked great).

  1. PRTD is for traveling. You don’t have to get it to maintain your PR status. Your stamped CoPR with landing date is good.

  2. After your soft landing, If you have 2 yrs of stay in the following 5 years, then you can renew your PR. Otherwise you cannot. But your PR status remains valid until those 5 years.

I don’t know how long traveling across border on land is possible on CoPR. It may raise some flags. Or it may not.

  1. If you are going to move to Canada by land no need of PRTD, You ca show Copr and you should be good to travel, but if you are taking flight then you definitely need PR card or PRTD.
  2. No
  3. By waiting you are loosing your chance to renew or apply for citizenship once you meet requirement, You have to stay at least 2 years for renewal or 3 years for citizenship.

You can refer to this official site for more clarification.

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@g.rajtharun I don’t think the year count in your third point answer is correct. The author has maximum of 3 years (not 2) before which he needs to move. That’s because the requirement for PR renewal is that you need to have been living in Canada for 2 of the prior 5 years.

Having said that, I personally think that one should wait no longer than 2 years before making the move. This helps in having enough left over time to travel outside Canada whenever needed (max 1 year) while still being able to renew the PR.

Yes @vijay4454 You are right it is 2 years for renewal and 3 years for citizenship. I will edit my post.