Can I re-apply PR after not using the first one


Hi folks,

This might come across as a random question, but my friend who is not subscribed to movnorth wants to know. What happens if you get a PR and do not go to Canada? Can you re-apply for PR after few years again?

Or do they not let you re-apply if you did not utilize the PR first time.


I think it’s for lifetime and you have to live for 2 years in approved 5 years to maintain the status.,.and it can be renewed again…
Still let’s wait for more replies


Your PR has to be officially removed by CIC to make you a non-PR again. This can be due to not satisfying the residency obligation (RO) AND that the CIC actually finds out and initiates removal proceedings, after which you can appeal this decision a number of time. PR doesn’t “expire” on it’s own if you satisfy RO (2/5), so there’s no concept of “utilizing” the PR.

If you commit a crime or engage in illegal activity or CIC finds out you misrepresented in your PR application then your PR can be nullified.

If you renounce your PR for whatever reason then that’s the quickest way to lose your PR.

You can always apply for PR again if you lose your PR.


Your PR card will expire however and it will be very hard to renew if you have not made the residency requirements. You’re only option will be drive in through a land border. Customers officers can recommend to CIC that your PR be removed. You need a very good reason for why you couldn’t make the requirements to get back in without jeopardising your PR.