Can i sponsor myself to Canada immigration if my employer is ready to pay me in Canada bank

Hi Guys, Need your expert opinion…
Can i sponsor myself for Canada immigration if my employer is ready to pay my salary in Canada bank. Though I will be working on H4 EAD in USA.

Need additional explanation. Elaborate on “sponsoring yourself”? Usually you sponsor others. For your own application you need EE or Work permit -> PR application.
Your US visa status doesn’t matter in your PR application.

You cannot show that you are “working in Canada” if your employer is US-based. That’ll probably classify as misrepresentation.

Thanks for your answer avj. Let me be more clear: In case my employer does not have any legal entity in Canada and from business exploration point of view they want me to go Canada and generate business/Tech leads/ work on some pilot projects. So, in such case can any PEO company represent my case along with my US employer and apply for LMIA?

Some information I found on google:

If your employer can open up a legal entity/subsidiary in Canada, maybe that would be better, but I don’t know the procedure for that. It might be beneficial to talk to a PEO representation/attorney who specializes in this.