Can I submit 2 Express entry profiles

I am thinking if I can submit 2 express entry profiles one with spouse and another without spouse
My individual score is 445 whereas with spouse it comes out to be 441
Individual profile gives me a better (almost a certain) shot at the next round

On the other hand if I submit an individual profile and get selected when can my spouse travel to Canada - will she have to wait for some time before she can come along or can I apply for her PR as a spouse immediately?


It would long wait if you apply for spouse PR under family sponsorship… It is better if you can apply for PR now together …with 441 chances tmare good to get ITA soon or in some weeks… Todays draw cutoff was also 441…

Current application times for spouse outside Canada is 12 months:

I’m not sure whether you are required to be in Canada when you apply. But even if you are, your spouse can stay with you on a temporary/work visa if she finds a job and eventually get PR in around 12 months. I know atleast one person who’s spouse got PR in around 12 months.

Hello…we submitted my husband’s profile together with my IELTS and WES evaluation numbers. The CRS comes to 417. We were expecting a higher score. Can we keep my name as accompanying spouse and not include my IELTS and Evaluation numbers? Will that help improve the CRS? Also, can we make this modification and resubmit the profile? Thanks in advance.

It will decrease the score… One way to increase the score is to remove you (spouse) but that will not help as you also need to get PR…

when you add spouse to the application then it decreases the points but adding Spouse’s IELTS and ECA increases the score back…

Yes, you can update and resubmit the application again and again before ITA…

If you have better IELTS score and Masters in comparison to your husband then you can be the primary applicant also… try that way if it helps

You can have multiple EE profiles and get ITAs for multiple profiles (e.g. one profile in which you’re the primary and another in which your spouse is primary etc). But you can only Accept one ITA and have to reject other ITAs.

Hi avj,
Can I create three numbers of EOIs in SINP EE with different NOCs and for each of these EOIs three Express entry profiles with corresponding NOCs. Thanks you.