Can I transfer my credit history from the US to Canada?

I have built up good credit here in the US (California). Is there a way to transfer this credit to Canada so that I can get good interest rates?


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No, credit histories in US and Canada are independent. You have to start from scratch.


I’ve heard that American Express will transfer comparable credit cards between countries without a credit check.

If you have a US credit card from them you could use that as an in towards establishing Canadian credit.

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From the policy point of view looks like AMEX have a global transfer program

Other fourms where there are some interesting info related to global transfer


Other than AMEX HSBC is another bank that has great reputation of providing good banking facility when you move to a new country to customers who maintain good relation with the bank in their home market. Not sure of their policy specific to Canada market.

However I dont know any one in person who has used either AMEX or HSBC hence not sure of the catch they have. At least on paper both look good.

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