Can my spouse sponsor my PR

Dear Memebers,

Hope you could help me with my sistuation. Me, my spouse and child have received Canadian PR this year in January. We are currently in India. I am the Principal applicant and later i have added my spouse in my application and thats how she got her PR.

So, she is planning to move to Canada next year in January or February. But i want to stay back in India with my child. Suppose if she stays in Canada for 2 or 3 years will she be able to maintain the PR status? I am thinking to stay back in India and move there after 3 years due to personal reasons. I am aware that i will lose my PR. I am ok with that as long as my spouse can sponsor me after 3 years.

Thank You!

Have you already received your PR cards? If not, I believe you will have to officially land in Canada with her and your child. As principal applicant, you will need to be there with them when they first arrive in Canada.

Once you receive your PR cards, you can go back with your kid and return after 3 years. If you return to Canada with 2 years remaining on your PR card, you should be able to maintain your PR status as well. Your wife will be able to maintain PR status as well since she will be in Canada from next year.