Can we live in Ontario and work in Montreal if we have Express Entry PR

Questions is more about if we got our PR from express entry, after moving from Montreal to Ontario.
Can we now live in Ontario and continue to work in Montreal from remote.

I think you can. Read link below. Even for provincial nomination, it doesn’t say you have to live in the same province, they seem to only ask you to consider the province that nominated you. The tax implications may be different though since Quebec seems to have its own rules, so check with a tax expert.

Yes you can live in another province. Many Montrealers live near the Hawkesbury Ontario area just across the Ontario border … some commute daily. This also solves the language of education problem if you have children because your children would be eligible to attend English school in Ontario. (They would in Quebec also, but only for three years.) Keep in mind to get your SIN number registered before you move because Service Canada sometimes has a bureaucratic headache if the initial residential address doesn’t match the work permit or PR document. Once you have the SIN registered you can live anywhere in the country.
Note that income taxes are based on your residential address as of December 31st of the tax year, so you would save a considerable amount in taxes since ON income tax is lower than QC.