Canada Healthcare

Someone just emailed me this question:

I was researching a bit about healthcare in Canada.I found that there is high wait time for emergency, specialist consultation, scans etc. Just wanted to confirm the same.

My thoughts:

We’ve not had an issue nor any friends of ours. Some even had kids here or had some minor accidents. Its an opinion piece with not clear citations of how he reached this opinion. One of the articles he links to is an infographic not clear statistical significance. And even then according to that infographic 74% are happy. Remember Canada is a big country with lots of rural land you can’t just take a survey across it and claim its the average. If you live in better off neighbourhoods its possible people are healthier and demand less of their local medical services hence lower wait times but if your rural or in lower income places its possible the waits are longer.

Thanks for these details! I wanted to find out if you have any recommendations for the primary care doctors around Toronto?