Canada PR eligibility in regards to work experience

Hi all , i have work experience of 1year 7 month . In this period i have worked with 2 employer. With first employer job duration was 11months and 15days while with second employer it was 9 months and 14 days . I was holding same position with almost same skill set. So m i eligible to apply for a PR

Your question is too vague. Your eligibility depends on various factors which give you points.
However, if you want to ask about getting points for “work experience”- then yes, you will get points for 1 year work ex.

You should go through the newcomer topics to understand how the process works. You can find out about your eligibility on website under CRS score simulator and then checking the cutoff.

Please I need comprehensive information on how to get job opportunity in Canada. I’m actively open to new opportunity.