Canadian citizenship

So say suppose one moves to Canada right after getting his PR, stays there for 3 years but works in Detroit everyday and goes back to Canada at night. Then is he eligible to apply for a Canadian citizenship at the end of 3 years?

How does the taxation work if one lives in Canada and works in the US?

  • Either the day the applicant leaves Canada or the day they return is considered an absence, but not both. If the applicant leaves Canada and comes back the same day , it is not considered an absence. (assuming it’s the latest definition)

Thus, as long as you’re living in Canada (e.g. going to USA in morning and coming home to sleep in evening), it should be counted towards physical presence in Canada

@avj, @sidy For any applications sent in after October 11, 2017, any day where you’re present in Canada for any time counts for physical presence.

  • Absences will be calculated only for days where an applicant spent no time at all in Canada. Dates where an applicant left Canada, or returned to Canada will not be counted as an absence since the applicant was physically present in Canada for a portion of both days.

It’s from the same link you posted, but in the section on " Calculating physical presence for applications received on or after October 11, 2017"

That said, this is immigration law, and things do change, so it’s worth looking into the exact definitions from time to time.


Here is a related news :

Very soon we can check our overall stay period and entry exit dates ourselves .