CEC Application in Process and Passport expire soon

Hello Everyone!

My CEC Express entry application is still in process. I submitted my file on 1st of June 2020 and still it’s in progress. I contacted IRCC Client Support Services about the status of my application and they said it’s in Background check stage. My passport is getting expired on 29th of September 2021. Can anyone please suggest what should I do? Should I wait for their final decision and then renew my passport and send them the new one for visa stamp or renew it now and let them know via Web Form before final decision. Thank you in advance!

I’d suggest renewing your Passport now and notifying them of the updated passport details via the WebForm.

It’s OK, even if they don’t respond to your update but when your application is approved and PPR is issued, then you can send your latest passport (If I recall correctly the PPR letter says to send your latest passport if the one on file had expired).

Okay, I will renew it first and let them update via webform. Thank you!

any idea as to how long should I wait for my application to reflect the new passport details after I submit the webform ?
It’s been a week since I have submitted the new passport details via webform, and I have not received any acknowledgment so far.
I need to schedule biometric appointment soon, not sure if I should use old passport or new passport.

I supose that the immigration officer should be able to access this upload once they continue with your application.

Hi, Its been 2 weeks for me as well. I haven’t heard anything yet about the web form I submitted.