CEC one year experience based on number of hours - 1560

I have created an EE profile and under the job offers, I have listed down the details of my current job.

The requirement for full time work experience is 30 hours per week and 1560 hours of work in a year. I am in my 11th month of the job (and also 11th month in Canada), and the total number of hours worked are more than 1650 as my weekly hours are 37.5.

On my application, can I say that I have been on my job for a year based on the total number of hours, even though I am in my 11th month but I have crossed the number of 1560 hours? Or should I say “Yes” to this question about completing a year on a job in Canada only after I have completed a calendar year.

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Good question. Generally a “year” means a calendar year however based on this link, you might be able to use this loophole. If you are not losing points and will get ITA (based on current cutoff trend), I wouldn’t bother until it’s 12 months completed (or atleast until you’re close enough to your one year mark) and submit the profile now. If you are losing points by not mentioning this job for CEC then I would wait for a month and make sure I do it exactly right. You don’t want to be flagged for misrepresentation when you could’ve waited a month. You can also submit a profile and modify it in a month to score more points.

How many points do you have w/ or w/o this one year?

Thanks for your response Anshul!

Actually something really interesting happened. They considered the hours themselves. I reverted my answer to the question about if I have completed an year on the current job in Canada to “no”.

But the profile says I am eligible under CEC since the work history portion had a question about number of hours and I mentioned there that I have been working 37.5 hours a week.

I had 408 points before today, after saying “yes” to a question about a year the points jumped to 506, but when I changed it back to “no” they went back to 456 but I think it is still a good score to get an ITA.


You should submit with 456. If cutoff jumps up wait for 12th month then try with 506.

Got my ITA today at the score of 456. Will be applying shortly.

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Hi Pushkar,

So you claimed the points for work experience even before completion 12 calendar months, and did they accept it?

I am in a similar situation, I answered No to if I completed 1 year in Canada , but based on my work history I got additional points after completion of 11 months it self with 40 hours/week. Just wondering if this is the right way ??