Cell phone network in Canada

Hey friends, can you guide which is best option for cell numbers and are there any options which give India calling included. We have been using TMobile and lyca in USA which have prepaid plans including unlimited calls to Canada and India. Looking for a similar option in Canada.

We loved having T-mobile in the US but haven’t found any comparable cellphone providers in Canada. We have been using Virgin Mobile. They gave us 1000 mins/month India calling as part of the plan.

I was also a T-Mobile customer in US, but didn’t get any at par service here in Canada.
I have been on a Fido connection here since I came to Canada, and get 1000 mins per month India calling for 24 months with 7 GB monthly data. I also added an add-on for $5 a month to get 1 cent per minute US calling. Monthly bill : $45 per month.

I am using FIDO. 30GB data, unlimited call and text in Canada. 60CAD plus tax per line…

Welcome to Canada. You pay insanely high price for literally everything on this side of the border as compared to US. You’re best bet would be to get Fido, Koodo, Virgin Plus for about $35-40/month with 1000 free international minutes (India) that don’t include calling to US. These prices/deals are usually offered during ‘back to school’ and ‘boxing day’ events. Network is good in and around cities but ymmv outside of urban areas. This was one of the issues in the federal election that we just had and I doubt anything would be done in this area in the near term.

We stayed on our US ATT family plan and it has worked for the last 2.5 years.
What probably works for us is that majority of the lines are still in US, and just 2 of us here in Canada.
At times, the signal strength is poor, but not most of the time. It is manageable.

I pay 60 USD per month for 2 lines , unlimited data/text/call and keep my US numbers. I dont think anyone in Canda can beat that.