CELPIP (vs IELTS) Pros and Cons


That’s some really great information about CELPIP. Why did you choose it? And would you go with IELTS if you had to redo it?

CELPIP scores to apply for EE

Hi ,

I chose CELPIP because

  1. Lot of dates are available unlike IELTS (from next week till May 2018).
  2. CELPIP seems pretty easy, just like TOEFL everything is on computer (speaking and writing as well).
  3. Writing on computer with spell check option in CELPIP is much better than writing on paper in IELTS.
  4. Speaking is little tough than IELTS since we will be talking to a computer on weird subjects and some images.
  5. Reading and listening is exactly same as IELTS.

Disadvantages with CELPIP

  1. Speaking looks very childish when we start the CELPIP training and practice but the actual exam is bit tricky.
  2. Rating for writing and speaking is highly subjective and lot of threads on internet are available validating the fact that your score can be marked lower.
  3. Only one center in entire United states is available for CELPIP exam (which is Flushing NY) as of date.

My score is Reading (12/12), Listening (10/12), Speaking (7/12) and Writing (8/12) and I have sent my scores for reevaluation which will take 4 weeks again. Just google CELPIP scores and mostly you will see same scoring pattern for speaking and writing, not sure why.

My wife’s score are R (9/12), L (9/12) , S (8/12) , W (8/12)

Even if her scores were 9 in all sections we would have hoped for an ITA in next few months, I believe.

I have done Bachelor in Pharmacy and Masters in Pharmacy Administration, Health Policy (working on H1B in Pharmacovigilance/ Drug Safety). If I am the primary applicant I need CLB 9/12 across the board (R,W,L,S) and our ITA combined would 450+ (Age 32)

My wife has done Bachelor in BioMedical Engineering (working as Business Analyst). If she is the primary applicant and CLB 9 across the board, our ITA would have been 430-435 (Age 28).

Yes, given an option I think IELTS is far better than CELPIP even though dates are 3 months apart. Since CELPIP scoring is highly subjective (just my 2 cents on it).

And many thanks to you for inspiring us for Canada. I have been your avid follower and read lot of your blogs about Canada on Quora and other websites. Many other newspapers have quoted you and corroborated this fact about H1B and greencard blackhole.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for an ITA.


Hello everyone,

Just continuing this thread.

My CELPIP score was L=10, R=12, W=8 , S=8 but not equal to CLB 9 as required.

IELTS score L=8, R=7.5, W=7, S=7.5 and now CLB = 9.

My CRS score with CELPIP was 398 and once I gave IELTS my score is now 454.

I think IELTS is better than CELPIP in many ways.


I did both with 1 month of difference between them, and I could confirm that CELPIP is a scam. If you take CELPIP-General, Paragon knows you need 9 for your Express Entry, so sure enough they will give you 8 in either Speaking and/or Writing so you have to pay for the test again. I have seen this many times already. Here are my results side by side (the CLB translation is mine):

Ver Imagen


I agree, CELPIP is a scam. I lost 6 months because I took CELPIP and did not get IELTS dates later.

Thank you confirming :slight_smile: !


I would also concur that CELPIP is a scam, or at least extremely bias based on particular criteria that do not necessarily correspond to “good English”. For example, they recommend to ‘sign-off’ with a ‘Canadian name’ and not a ‘weird’ sounding name. How is this testing English skills? I find this quite discriminatory and offensive. My last name is German-background and I used it in my exam, and now think it may have affected my scores.

I scored well on all components except writing, R-12, L-12, S-11 and W-8.
I requested and paid for a re-evaluation for the writing component and received the same score. The difference between an 8 and a 9 for my Express Entry eligibility is an astonishing 45 points! Subsequently, this result makes my chances of obtaining a PR offer very low.

To put it in perspective, English is my first language, I came top of my class in high school for English. I have a bachelors degree in engineering and a published Honours Thesis which was awarded a High Distinction (written in English). Part of my work is to write detailed emails and reports on a daily basis, including reviewing others. There is clearly an issue with the marking criteria. I would NOT RECOMMEND CELPIP to anyone. I am re-sitting my English test with IELTS and will keep you posted with the results.


I wouldn’t say CELPIP is a scam. That’s misdirecting forum readers. Its a less established test compared to IELTS. Hence, you can say IETLS is more predictable. However, CELPIP has its pros as well. I took CELPIP and found it comparable to TOEFL. In fact, its much easier than TOEFL and the format is similar. I managed to get a score of R-12 L-12 S-9 and W-9 without extensive practice. I did purchase a few practice tests from their official website and that helped with the preparation. I would suggest taking CELPIP if you are comfortable with the TOELF format (speaking in front of a computer). If not then IELTS might be a better choice.


CELPIP may not be a scam but it is definitely not worth taking. I took CELPIP twice in NYC. Both the times my scores were L:11 R: 11 S:8 W:9. I guess the examination center itself can be attributed to the concerns being raised here. Unlike IELTS, you have the liberty to start working on other test components without having to wait for others to finish. However, this testing pattern pollutes the environment of the examination hall.

As most of you are aware, there is only 1 CEPIP center for the USA. I can’t stress it enough how crampy the two examination halls were. Not to mention the great shoulder-to-shoulder seating arrangement. :disappointed:

I took the IELTS one time after 2 CELPIP exams and earned a very good score. Unlike CELPIP, there’s no hassle of getting distracted or shy of speaking loud to a computer in a crowded room.

I guess most of the IELTS test takers realized a long time ago which is why it is difficult now to get an IELTS spot.

CELPIP is a waste of effort, time and money…Good Luck with your adventures!


This is not true and misleading–there are 2 test locations in New York now, one in Flushing and another one in Manhattan. Also, another location in Seattle, Washington is also available now:


Well, I took the CELPIP exams in March and May. There was only 1 US test location at the time. Still, the fact that CELPIP is poorly designed remains true. Due to unavailability of immediate IELTS slots, potential Canadian immigrants will obviously go for CELPIP but will eventually realize that’s a mistake. CELPIP is such a waste of time, money and effort.


CELPIP is a joke… They test everything but your English skills. Mostly your patience.
Unprofessional, expensive, with annoying supervisors and unprepared classrooms.
Spend an extra $15 and go for IELTS.