Certified translation in Canada

Hi all,

I need your advise on this:
I got a document translated by a certified translator in Canada. Therefore, an affidavit is not provided by him as also mentioned on IRCC website. Now, the translator sent me the translations (stamped and certified) along with a black and white copy of the original which has the translators stamp as well. Since a translator cannot certify a true copy, I got certified true copies of the original from a notary. I therefore uploaded the original+ english translation (stamped and certified)+ notarized true copy of the original . My question is, do I also need to upload the stamped copy of the original (in black and white) that was provided to me by the translator for each of the translations? I’m super confused!! Should I raise a CSE and request to amend my documents as: original+certified translation+stamped copy of original provided by the translator+notarized true copy ? I just submitted my eAPR and would like to raise a CSE, if necessary.