Chances for Applicants with CRS Score less than 400

Hi All, I am currently going through this process of pre-ITA preparation phase. Me and my wife have completed IELTS and in the process of obtaining ECA for our education. Our CRS score is just below 400. I think its is primarily because we don’t have any education/work experience in Canada or any active job offer. We both work in IT since last 15-17 years and we both are experienced in platform which is one of the demanding skills. My question is… What are our chances of getting a ITA? Should we start working for PNP? If yes then is it advisable to hire immigration firm to help with PNP process? Appreciate the guidance. Thanks!

If you can find a job offer in Canada that would increase your score.
If you really want to go there both of you (or one of you) can go for higher education over there. That will increase your chances.

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Thanks @avj. In that case, one of us needs to complete higher education in Canada before we apply. Is that correct? Does online education counts?
We have also started working on looking for a job offer. Do you know any recruitment agency who is more active in Canada? TIA

Completing higher education in Canada and/or getting a job there (with or without Canadian education) might make you eligible for Canadian experience class, or PNP.

Hi there! Did you have good IELTS scores? Most of the times that’s the easiest way to score more points. Also online education doesn’t count towards Education as far as i understand!

@appy22 My wife’s IELTS score is little better than mine. I would say mine is better than average. I dont know how much it can be improved. Thanks for the advice though.

Sure:) All the best!

Try simulating various/highest IELTS score in CRS calculator. Also try removing yourself/your spouse from the application and/or making the other the primary applicant. Try various combinations and see which one gives you maximum CRS points. If your IELTS score is high, education is good, then probably age is the factor working against you and will be tougher in future. So if you really want the PR and one of you is able to get it then go for it. The PR can always sponsor the spouse later.

@avj My CRS score is 402 with IELTS SCORE L:8.5 R:7 S:7 W:6.5 and 2 years of experience and a masters degree in US. Should I continue applying for express entry?

IELTS is too low try giving it again.Simulate score for highest IELTS

Does having job offer increase my chances?

It definitely will. But I havent heard of anyone securing a job prior to landing. It would be easier to retake iELTS than to look for job from outside. You were almost there. You just missed out on writing. You need atleast 7 in writing. Play around with the scores in CRS calculator and see what scores give you the best CRS and work on that.

I work for a company in US as a contractor that has a contractual firm in Canada which has employees working for US company. My employer is fine with me working from Canada. But I am not sure where to start.

The combination of L8 R7 W7 S7 will give you a jump of 50 marks, thereby making ur score 452…

you need atleast L:8 R;7 S;7 W:7 so increasing your Writing score from 6.5 to 7 will definitely boost your CRS score…did you apply for rechecking… also check the CRS score calculator with your info and ielts score and put 7 in W instead of 6.5 … and having a job offer also adds more points good enough…

I can help you in the process of starting working and eventually getting PR on basis of work permit if all parameters are in your favour