Change in marital status after ITA and before submitting application

Hello PR Experts,

I got my ITA on Dec. 9th 2020 and my marital status was “Single” at that time. However, my marital situation has changed recently as I got married on Feb. 1st 2021 and my spouse will not be accompanying me at the moment and so my current points for eligibility remains unchanged. When I amend my details to my application to include my Spouse details I’m being asked to submit her details such as Police Certificate, Medical Exam etc. However, the deadline to submit my application is 10th Mar. 2021. I don’t think I would be able to get my Spouse’s Police Certificate before my application deadline since we just recently got married. Please advise what’s the best possible way to seek an extension for submission of my Spouse’s documents. Thank you for your time and help!