Changes made after ITA (NOC and education)

Hi all. I should follow this forum earlier.

I recently submitted my PR application. However, compared to the EE profile for my ITA, I made two changes in my application:

  1. Due to my job duties listed in my employment verification letter, I changed my NOC code (for both primary and work history) from 2161 Mathematicians, statisticians, and actuaries to 2173 Software engineers and designers, since 2173 is a better match. The title, company, and starting date of the job do not change. Both NOC codes are for skill type A.

  2. I do have one bachelor’s degree (from the US) and two master’s degrees (one from the US and one from Canada), and listed all of them in the Education history of my EE profile. As I do not have ECA for my US degrees (but I mentioned non-ECA in EE profile), in my PR application I moved those two US degrees to my personal history and only keep the Canadian degree in education history. The education also reflects in my travel history, I listed travel to the US with the purpose of “study” for the time periods. After moving the degrees to personal history, my score does not change.

I have already submitted my PR application with the changes after ITA. I am not hiding information, just want to give the most accurate NOC code and minimize the effort of preparing supporting documents. Will I be considered as Misrepresentation for those changes?
In my case, do I need to contact IRCC and submit an LOE via Webform?