Changing employers after ITA and profile expiration

Hi all,

I got ITA yesterday (EE and Ontario PNP). I’m also in the middle of talking to new employer. If I receive an offer in a few weeks, or say even 2 months later, what do I need to do to my application? Do I need to amend anything anywhere?

Is there any impact via the new employment to my EE or PNP? NOC will be the same, if that helps, but I won’t be able to get any letter etc as I will be very new there.


I see in My EE profile there is an expiration date of May 2020. If I submitted all my documents for PR and I’m just waiting then, should I create a new profile when the current profile expires?

Thank you.

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@mrandmrs, @avj (and others) - any insights

#1, if you get an offer before you submit your application, you can add it to the application. Otherwise, you can tell them in the letterOfExplanation that you will start working for a new employer - X located in Y address on date - Z; no problem at all as your ITA was towards the experience that you already have mentioned.

#2, no you don’t need to create a new one.You have 9 more months until May 2020, an ample of time. I have not heard anyone creating a new profile once they submit an application; there are people who have taken 8 to 9 months to get approval and am pretty sure some of them would have created 3 months before they got ITA and so some of them would have already completed 1 year since the creation of their profile while they are waiting for their application to be processed.

You got ITA for Express Entry as well as Ontario PNP? If that’s the case just go with Express Entry, since it will take you much more time and money if you go via PNP route; also, you would be restricted to one province if you go via PNP.

We applied via EE, but score was not high enough (454).

However while we were in the EE pool, we got invited to Ontario PNP, which we subsequently got approved for, and got the additional 600 points.

That put us back in the EE pool with 1054 points, and we got the ITA a day later.

Appreciate your detailed responses. I will post back if/when I do update the (potential new) employer portion.

Thank you!

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All d best wishes for your application. Which country r u applying from?

Thank you.

Origin: India
Applying from: USA

Good. My was the same and it got approved on April 2019. I would suggest you to add your I-797 and also H1B visa and point them out that your company is mentioned in the H1B and I-797. That would probably make your application more stronger. My got aproved in 2 months 10 days.

  1. From what I know, PNP score won’t change if you change employers. It is province-specific and not employer-specific. So once you join the new job, technically you don’t need to update anything since it won’t affect your PNP nomination or your score (unless your current experience is less than 3 years). However, if you want to you may inform CIC of the change using the webform.

  2. Same profile will work.

Thank you for your response. Much appreciated!