Changing employers on a closed work permit. What do I need to do?

I am currently in Canada with an LMIA and closed work permit from an employer and I still have about a year on the LMIA. But I wish to change to a new employer as soon as possible for reasons I can’t disclose (nothing Illegal). My current knowledge is that I will need a new LMIA from the new employer which I will use in getting a new work permit. I’d like to ask if anybody has done this before and if you have any information that can help make things fast and also If i can start work with the new employer before I complete the documentation required.

I believe the other company can sponsor a closed wp for you but It’s tough unless you have a niche skill set, otherwise many firms don’t like to do that.

I would advise you to get a PNP of some easy province and find a tech job.

Both are tough finding an employer who sponsor closed wp and moving to remote province