Changing job after getting a work permit

If I have a job offer and come to Canada through PNP, am I locked with that employer until I get a permanent residency? Or can I change employers WITHIN the province?

  • IELTS (done)
  • WES evaluation (done)
  • Job offer (done)

Right now, I’m in the middle of the express entry application and it’s asking me if I have a job offer.

I’ll say its very hard to get a job offer first. The only people I know who did this were transferring to their Canadian office. Do you have a job offer?

Yes, I have an offer. But, if I don’t like the employer after I start working there, can I move to another company or do I have to stay?

Irrespective of whether you start working for them with a work permit or not, and irrespective of whether you have a job offer or not, if you score enough points and get PR through express entry, you are free to move wherever/whenever you want.

If you go through PNP, you are locked into the province (not the employer) for some period of time. However, I don’t know how well it is enforced. It’s more like you’re expected to stay in that province since they nominated you, and must have a good reason (e.g. not able to find job in that province) to move out.

Check whether EE requires LMIA for your job offer (if you don’t already have it). If you score enough points then I would recommend EE over PNP as it gives you a lot more freedom to move immediately.

Hi everyone.

ok I am a manitoba pnp certificate holder and my work permit ends in July and i still gathering my documents to apply for pr, my question is if I could change employer after my actual w/p expires as I got a job offer from another employer?
i’m hopping to send pr application before my w/p expires but I dont know if I have to stay with my actual employer or if I change employer would affect the process or PNP would not let me change employer?

thanks for your support.

@alfredo, please check the responses above.