Child Born In US after COPR

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Our daughter was born after we got our COPR and our one time visa is valid until Apr next year.
We are planning to attend a wedding around late September in Canada and hence would do a soft landing in Toronto and come back to US. I know that our daughter can travel with us on her USA passport but not sure if that will impact our landing experience in any way as she has not been listed as a dependent on our application yet.
I have already raised a Case Specific Enquiry a couple of times to report the birth of our child but havent got any response yet. Couple of Questions:

  1. Can we do a soft landing now with our daughter, come back to US and then start her PR process, hoping that I will have an answer by then from CEC about my enquiry? or is it risky to do soft landing without our daughter listed as a dependent on the application? Whats the best suggestion here?
  2. Since I got my COPR via Ontario PNP, is it ok to travel to vancouver after landing in Toronto?

Your COPR is no longer valid as you have a new dependent who is not listed on your application. The situation would have been different if you had landed prior to her birth.

Your next steps should be to contact the post that issued your COPR and tell them of the status change, they will re-open your application and request passports for all of you again (assuming you are not from a country that doesn’t require a visa to enter Canada) and issue you with a fresh COPR and fresh stamps of the immigrant visa in your passports.

You probably aren’t going to be making that wedding later this month. The port of landing doesn’t matter as long as it’s not Quebec, they have special rules there but otherwise you can land at and reside in any other province and not just Ontario.

Thanks @panditji
Follow up questions:

  1. Our daughter cant just enter canda with her USA passport? Cant we start her PR process after we land in Canada?
  2. If we cant do anything from above, whats the best way to contact the post that I issued my visa? Until now I have been using the Web form to no avail. Even in the web form I dont see a seperate option to report the birth of a child. I am just using the generic “Permanent Residence (applied online)”. Any pointers for that.

Your daughter can enter Canada just fine, right now you can’t because of the terms underlying your visa have changed.

Look up your PPR (Passport request), that should have the email address of the post where you sent your passports. It’s been a pain for everybody these days as IRCC is way behind schedule and webform responses have been delayed significantly.

Is travelling seperately an option?

If you want to take a chance, then go for it.

Otherwise not. What you’re not realizing is that you don’t have valid documents to enter Canada. Yes you have a document that says COPR and there’s a stamp in your passport but both became invalid the day your child was born.

At the point of landing they will ask you if you have any other dependents than listed on your COPR? If you answer yes, then the border agent will tell you that your COPR is not valid and cancel you immigrant visa. They will tell you to contact IRCC and ask to get a new COPR.

If you find an agent who is willing to ignore the process then you may be able to get in.

The root cause of the problem is not you traveling together or separately it is that your family composition has changed and the terms and conditions of the PR process dictate that IRCC be notified immediately when that happens and they will issue you new documents.

This has been discussed in other places outside of this forum as well for reference.


Got it. Thank you so much @panditji. I have emailed the visa issuing post and hope that they priovide some clarity around the process. What baffles me is that my family composition changed 3 monthes after we got the COPR and we dont want our daughter to be a PR for now.
Anyways. Thanks Man.

@panditji My baby was born in the US after we applied for our PR and did our soft landing. We are planning to move to Canada next month. I was wondering if my daughter would be allowed to enter as a tourist when we both are entering with the intention of moving in permanently to Canada. Would that not raise flags to the border guys? Maybe I am just being paranoid but wanted to check in. Thanks.

Jai Shri Ram @arvm
It shouldn’t be a problem.

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I am in a similar situation. My COPR expiry date is 1 March 2023 and my Son was born on 11/23/2022. I have raised a couple of webforms for child birth notification but haven’t received any response so far about him being added to the dependent family members. @tofu_soft what did you end up doing in your situation?

We hired a lawyer to get the paperwork filed for our daughter. The lawyer gave us an email that they received from IRCC as a proof that we have applied for our daughter’s PR. We haven’t got any other response from IRCC after the initial email lol.
During soft landing she was allowed as a visitor in Canada on her US Passport and our PR was processed successfully.

Hi there. Can you please inform me the contact of the lawyer. In the same situation

Yeah they are called Global Crossing Immigration. We talked to Marc Laforce.