CIC CRS score higher than what I calculated using CRS tool

Hi All,

I submitted my EE on Saturday and got my profile updated with a CRS score given by CIC. I calculated 437 but the score on my EE profile is 462. The additional 25 pts are in foreign work experience section- they have considered 3 yrs experience where as I used 2 yrs to calculate my score.

The 2 years I considered -1 year, 5 months at current full-time job + last 7 months of my previous full-time job from 2007-2009 (counted only the 7 months I worked in 2009 because that’s within the last 10 yrs). Also,
I had added work history for the following in EE, thinking it will make it 3 years total work experience by the time I get my invite. I was not expecting an invite anytime soon for 437.

  • Part-time teaching assistant job at grad school from 2015-2017 for a total of 11.5 months (20 hrs/week) with a break in between, which makes it around 7 months of a Canadian full time job (30 hrs/week). This was a paid position.
  • A 2 month, full-time (40 hrs/week) internship in 2017. This too was a paid position.
  • Total 9 months in addition to 2 years stated above

But now it looks like CIC has already considered me having 3 years work experience and given a CRS of 462. I don’t know whether to be happy or cautious. I have submitted a case inquiry using the contact us webform on cic website. I have also verified the info I have provided- all correct.

Has anyone here come across such a situation? Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks.