Citizenship Grant

Hi all, anyone submitted a citizenship application and then left Canada? How long does it take to complete citizenship test/interview/ceremony? Do you need to stay as a Canada tax resident after leaving Canada and before becoming a citizen? Thank you!


Tax residency is mainly for taxation purposes, e.g. you can live outside of Canada for a full year (losing tax residency during that time) but still maintain PR status.

As long as you satisfy the conditions given in that link, you should be fine. You may need to return depending on when you get the citizenship test invite and subsequent formalities’ requirements. Usually it takes 8+ months minimum from AOR to citizenship test request.

Should a web form be raised to notify about travel outside Canada when the application is in progress?

When application is in progress (ie citizenship oath not done yet), you’re still a PR so you can travel

You can travel right after submitting your application. Would recommend to wait for at least until aor is received , can take between 4 days to a month these days .

Hi, Planning to apply my citizenship this month. Can someone confirm if paper is faster than online application. I am applying for myself and no dependents.

Varies from application to application. There’s no guarantee either one will be faster, however anecdotal evidence suggests paper is proceeding faster than online in the past few months.

I’ve been waiting for mine to finish processing for the past 7 months ( online)

have you received any update on the online one : background done? test done ? etc ?

Have a citizenship related question, since I will be applying for citizenship soon. I was out of Canada for about 2 weeks, and on my return they didn’t stamp my non-Canadian passport as a PR holder. I did go through the electronic kiosk which scanned my PR card etc, so my record of entry is digital, but the border agent said I didn’t need a stamp in my passport. I’m wondering if the fact that they didn’t stamp my passport matters for the citizenship application? Or no?

@sun they’ve never stamped (or looked at my passport) since I became a PR. It’s normal and they have your entry/exit record.

@usa2can My application has not been updated since almost 2 months (since it changed to Background Verification completed). I’m not sure when it will proceed or what is going on.


@avj, pretty much the same status , BG check done 2 months ago, no more update after that. did online too, filed 7 months ago.

How do you receive AOR? If the application is submitted online, with AOR be notified via email or mail?

I have received the citizenship test but I’m in the US. It looks like I can take the exam from here but I read that they will resume my application after I’m back in Canada and let them know by proving a ticket etc. is that accurate?

You will get an AOR in email, and can use that to create a tracker account on IRCC website.

Update: Got my citizenship test notification on Feb 28th 2023 (Background check done on Nov 22, 2022). Gave the test now waiting for remaining steps to finish.


Congrats ! gave my test last month.
Family already got the passport in hand :slight_smile:


When did you first apply?

NM, saw on another thread that you said May 2022! So looks like it is faster than the 24 months processing time it’s showing online then.

For those that needed a PCC from the US for their citizenship application, is it acceptable to upload the PDF sent to my email by FBI-EDO? Or do I need to wait for the hard-copy to arrive, scan that and upload that?

I cannot remember from when I did this for the PR application whether the PDF and hard copy are different somehow, and whether IRCC is ok with the PDF sent by the FBI.

(I’m guessing, though, that the whole point of this process being electronic is that the PDF should suffice even for the citizenship application?)