Claiming sibling points

Hello Movnorth community,

I have a query regarding sibling points. My brother recently got his Canada PR card and I want to claim sibling points in my EE profile. However, he still works for a company in the United States and so he stays in the USA on weekdays from (Monday to Friday), and he goes back to Canada on Friday evening and stays there in a rented apartment until the weekend.

My brother has Canadian proof of residence documents like bank statements from credit card and bank account, which shows his current residence address in Canada. So technically he lives in Canada but only on the weekends and goes back to the USA and lives there on weekdays. He does this every week because the number of days he stays in Canada would count towards his 2-year minimum requirement stay and that will make him eligible to apply for PR extension after 5-years. He will do this for the next few months until he finds a job in Canada.

So my question is, can I claim the sibling points now? Please suggest and thanks in advance!

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Hello @avj @vik can you take a look at my query, please? Appreciate your guidance!

you can claim siblings points.

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Thanks for your response. Do you know anyone in similar situation had success with it?

I don’t know anyone personally who has done this but as @mapleleaf mentioned, you can claim the sibling points.

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Thank you for your comment!

My sister just moved to Alberta this month. How can this help me move to Alberta? I have an express entry profile with 360 points.

If your sister has Canadian PR/citizenship, you can claim sibling points in your application.