Closed Border, About to Birth a Baby, COPR almost Expiring

I have a tricky situation as our country’s border is closed temporarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic with no date of re-opening in-sight. My spouse is also pregnant and due to deliver by the third week in August, meanwhile, our COPR expires the second week in September. We are planning to travel next month July but that is dependent on the border being open.

If we don’t get into Canada before she is considered unfit to travel, we might have to begin all the COPR process all over again.

What are the possible scenarios that might arise and what do you advise?

I heard that they are still letting in people with COPR. My friend on a US work permit came yesterday even when the borders are supposedly closed.

Border is open for PR.

If your COPR was issued before March 18 you’re allowed to enter Canada provided you can Quarantine for 14 days. We just completed our landing today via Rainbow Bridge

You should be able to extend your COPR expiration date. Just fill out a web-form and let CIC know about your situation. A lot of people are in a similar situation so you will be fine.