Closed work permit, no project > how to get sponsorship or open work permit, legal status

I am QA Program Manager and came to GTA earlier this year in Feb on intra company transfer i.e. closed work permit. My project wasn’t finalized yet and then Covid-19 lockdown happened. My employer wasn’t able to get me any project and now have put me on furlough. They can send me back to India if I don’t get project within next 1 month. So I am stuck now without project. My wife (QA Engineer) have open work permit but couldn’t find project so far. What are my option to stay legally in Canada?

  1. Can we stay in Canada legally if company terminates me?
  2. Can my employer forcefully send me to India?
  3. Are there any companies that sponsor work permit?
  4. Any option (other than my wife switch to study permit and I get open work permit) for me to switch from closed to open work permit?