Come to Canada tool

@anon25417004 I have all the requirements for starting express entry profile. when I try to get a reference number from come to canada tool it is showing as I am not eligible to Canada. I have 2+ys experience, IELTS 7 with a masters degree. what should I do? can anyone suggest me a solution.

I tried going though the tool with those paeters and it said I was eligible and gave me a reference number. What did you pick for work experience type and were all your IELTS related scores 7. The only way it might have said you are ineligible is if you had an IELTS related score that was lower than 7 (since 7 is the minimum)

@blg.chaitanya any luck, was it a mistake with how you filled the form?

@anon25417004 No luck. Is it because I have IELTS score 7,7,6.5,6.5 overall 7. I thought overall score 7 is the minimum.

Those 6.5’s have to be 7. Seems like you might have to retake IELTS.

Alternative if you’re work experience is in tech then I’m working on adding a special service to the site (in partnership with another company) to local tech startup jobs aimed at experienced foreign talent. The partner company will handle all the work visa paperwork etc under the new accelerated GTS prog. Stay tunes hope to announce something soon.


I will think about retaking IELTS. Appreciate your work, your website deserves more audience and yes I am in tech field. I will be waiting for the new announcements from you.

Do we really need 7 minimum in each of LRSW ?
just to qualify and create profile?

I am asking again because CRS score calculator allows me to enter even 6.5 IELTS too…

The ambiguity here is you can have 6.5 IELTS but its needs more work experience or any other extra favorable factors. In my case I have less work experience so I need 7 minimum to be eligible and get a reference code.