Commute between Niagara and Buffalo for work

Good evening community members,

Me and my wife received our PR on May 2019 after soft landing in Toronto. I am currently working in Jersey City, NJ and have been remote for almost 5 years on a project. I have been on H1b for 8 years now. Even though I can continue to work remote, the location of work is restricted to the US territory. I have discussed this situation with my employer that I can’t wait much longer to enter and physically stay in Canada, otherwise I run the risk of losing eligibility to renew my PR.
A possible solution is to stay in Niagara and commute to Buffalo daily for work. Reading blogs and articles over the internet, I feel that it is doable but there are few gray areas which I wanted to clear out.

  1. How much of a hassle it is to enter USA everyday on H1b , dealing with border security?
  2. I have been seeing NEXUS card all over the place, are we as PRs eligible for it or is it only for Canadian/US citizens?

If anyone in this community is in a similar situation or is already commuting daily across the border on a US WORK VISA, kindly share your experience with me for guidance.
Per my understanding I have to be physically present in Canada for 2 years to be eligible to renew my PR. That way I should move before May 2022.
Any other suggestions options are also welcome. I will resort to job search in Canada if nothing else works out.
Thanks !

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For daily travel to Niagara, you need to first file an H1b amendment for Niagara location and for that you need a home address or office address in Niagara…
This is because currently your LCA and H1B will be for NJ…

Then, So many people travel daily across the border and many of them have been h1b too for example detroit and vancouver…

We are eligible for Nexus even with PR…

Btw what is the reason your employer not allowing work from Canada or atleast you can travel monthly few days to NJ if anyways you are wfh from 5years.

thanks for sharing the information. do we have move to Canada first to be eligible to apply for Nexus card?
the issue is not with the employer. its a client policy. I work from our company’s dev center based out jersey city, NJ. But the client doesn’t allow work outside US territory. so wherever I work from, it has to be within US.