Confirmation of PR - Interview Appointment


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My name is Vaibhav. I am on a Work Permit here in Canada. I just received an email for the Confirmation of Permanent Residence - Interview Appointment. The appointment itself is in a week’s time. However, it so happens that my wife and son are visiting India at the moment and cannot be here for the appointment. Even I have to leave for India the very next day. But, we will all be back in Canada by the end of January.

I have a few questions regarding this.

  1. Is it possible to postpone this appointment? I mean if anyone on the forum has been in a similar situation and can share their experience. Postponing the appointment for interview would be the best case scenario.
  2. If not, then can I appear for the appointment/interview alone and my wife later? The email mentions that everyone must come together but since I am the principal applicant, is it possible for my wife and son to appear for the interview later?
    a. In this scenario, will I be asked to submit my passport for a visa stamp? This may jeopardize my travel to India the very next day.
  3. I called up the 1-888-######## they gave me to contact them to see if I could get them to give me a new date for the appointment. However, I got directed to the automated answering system wherein they ask you to contact ircc through email at for booking an appointment. Can one use the same email address to request for a change in the date of appointment for the interview?
  4. Also, it would help to know what the interview itself entails? What are the questions asked? They are asking for the following documents:
  • If you were sponsored as a spouse, please ensure that you bring with you your original marriage certificate that was submitted at time of your application for permanent residence.

  • Proof of income for yourself and your sponsor/spouse. Proof includes recent paystubs, employment letter.

  • If currently receiving Social Assistance, provide proof of financial benefits

  • All Immigration documents, current and expired that are in your possession

  • Two (2) photos for each person on this application taken within the last six (6) months - see enclosed appendix for specifications (only for clients who are becoming Permanent Residents).

  • Proof you have paid the Right of Permanent Residence Fee ($490) ( if applicable) *For each adult *.

What other documents should one take to the interview?

Any help/guidance with the above questions will be most appreciated. Thanks.