Confused with selecting the right NOC

Hello Everyone,
So I have a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and almost 15 months full time paid work experience in the same field in the US. Although the job description matches the duties of NOC for biomedical Engineer, my official title was Research Associate. So now I am confused if I should chose the NOC for Biomedical or any other NOC related to research (which btw, I haven’t been able to find).
Moreover, I have been working as a product manager/sales specialist person in a private company I duatry for almost 3 years and the NOC for that is totally unrelated to my education and prior NOC. I want to include this experience to obtain more points in CRS however, am also confused about the correct NOC for this experience. Can anybody help me with this? Is there an NOC related to project/product management or should I go with the NOC related to marketing as this is a multi faceted experience that involved marketing/ sales and management of a certain product.
I will really appreciate all the help. TIA