Confusion between NOC code 21231 vs 21232 while submitting application post-ITA

Me and my girlfriend have received ITAs (applied separately) under express entry, however are now confused if we used the correct NOC code and are thinking of changing it for the final application. Both of us are Software Engineers (with different duties mentioned on job letter) and are confused between 21231 ([Software Engineers and Designers] ( and 21232 (Software Developers and Programmers).

Here are my job duties -

  • Design core, backend software components
  • Code using primarily C/C++, Java, PHP and Hack
  • Interface with other teams to incorporate their innovations and vice versa •
  • Conduct design and code reviews •
  • Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of various system resources •
  • Establish self as an owner of a particular component, feature or system with expert end-to-end understanding •
  • Successfully completes projects at large scope while maintaining a consistent high level of productivity

Here are my girlfriend’s job duties -

  • Code high volume software using primarily C++ and Java
  • Create web applications using primarily php
  • implement web interfaces using XHTML, CSS and javascript
  • Build report interfaces and data feed

I am thinking my duties align more concretely with 21231 while her’s with 21232. I would appreciate any thoughts or opinion on this.

In my experience, it didn’t make a difference, no change is necessary, and the immigration officer did not have any issues. Make sure when you submit a letter from your employer, your job duties are mentioned in detail.

Also, changing a NOC might be a lot of hassle (including asking you to re-apply), it is better to keep it as-is unless your immigration officer asks you to change.