Consulate Pickup Hours San Fransisco

I know this question isn’t directly related to PR but I want to ask someone who received PCC from SF Indian Consulate.

The site says the pickup hours are 4 PM - 4:45 PM. But the public hours are 9 AM - 12 PM. I submitted my documents during the latter. To receive PCC, do I have to go during the evening hours or morning hours can work? I am confused because I don’t know if the pickup means passport pickup or any kind of pickup.

I have to go back there on the 9th of May. I have to book a flight from LA so I request your help. I tried calling them and emailing as well but they didn’t respond. Hope someone who has been in the same boat can help.

You have to go from 4 to 4.45PM and collect PCC from a little office right at the entrance (you don’t have to even enter the building).

All you need is the receipt and anyone collect on your behalf so long as they show receipt.
If you have lost receipt you can also show your passport.
(It’s better to carry passport as well in case the guy in the room is new to the consulate without full understanding of all the rules)

Thank you so much for detailed answer.
I am grateful!