Consulate Pickup Hours San Fransisco

I know this question isn’t directly related to PR but I want to ask someone who received PCC from SF Indian Consulate.

The site says the pickup hours are 4 PM - 4:45 PM. But the public hours are 9 AM - 12 PM. I submitted my documents during the latter. To receive PCC, do I have to go during the evening hours or morning hours can work? I am confused because I don’t know if the pickup means passport pickup or any kind of pickup.

I have to go back there on the 9th of May. I have to book a flight from LA so I request your help. I tried calling them and emailing as well but they didn’t respond. Hope someone who has been in the same boat can help.

You have to go from 4 to 4.45PM and collect PCC from a little office right at the entrance (you don’t have to even enter the building).

All you need is the receipt and anyone collect on your behalf so long as they show receipt.
If you have lost receipt you can also show your passport.
(It’s better to carry passport as well in case the guy in the room is new to the consulate without full understanding of all the rules)

Thank you so much for detailed answer.
I am grateful!

Hello sp410 !

did you get any msg/email from SFO to collect the PCC from them ?
can you please share the process ?

i applied for my PCC at SFO in-person in Sep 1st week. and i havent got any updates from them yet . ( its been 23 days today)
i made my dad go to our local police station to check if hey have got the application for PCC - but they said that they havent got any application for my name.

my ITA deadline is approaching in 15 days . Please share your experience and any suggestions thatr you may have from it
FYI - My passport has been issued in India.


Yes. They won’t send updates.
I just went there after 4 weeks (I think that was what the lady told) during the collection time 4PM - 4:15PM and they were open for that only. Went and said I am here to collect my PCC and they handed it to me.

Go exactly one day after they have asked you to come and collect. They will have it.

Thank you so much for a prompt reply . i really really appreciate it .
this helps me calm down a little.

A question - did you try chceking the status before going ? - i tried to check the status online - “it says the status of the entered file number is not available in the system”
when i try to call the number , it goes to voicemail, i even emailed them to check the status and haven’t got any reply.

Did you take your receipt with you ? or Would the original passport be enough ? i might have misplaced my receipt

Thanks again !

I think passport is enough. I don’t remember vividly. But its always good to take receipt just in case you meet an assh**e who is following the rules too hard. I just went there after the time they said it would be done. They don’t pickup calls. I have tried.

Don’t misplace receipts man. Not for these processes. Have a folder for IRCC application and have everything in there. You never know.

The lady there told me 1 month while submitting my application so i guessed it meant - the processing time would be 1 month but i didnt know that she also meant pick it from there after 1 month as well,

i will try and go there at the start of next week as that is when my 1 month ends and hope they have the PCC ready for me

Thanks for all your help ! i realy appreciate you taking time to reply back.

As far as I remember, I received a call from the SF Consulate saying that the PCCs are ready to be picked up. It took a month though for PCCs to be available after we submitted the request.

did it take exactly a month ? or did it take extra trime for you ? i am approaching my ITA expiration deadline so worried a little about that

because i told my dad to enquire at the local police station in india where my PCC is supposed to go but the police said they havent got any application yet for me so i am not sure how will the PCC be ready in a week’s time , if they havent even sent the application in last 23 days .

I submitted on 20th September and received the PCC on 10th October. Now, this was almost a year back. It’s possible that the processing time has changed.