COPR and Landing

So I received my COPR and its valid until Oct. I live an hour from the Canadian border and am thinking that I should go and do a soft landing? I have a few questions,

  1. Can I just do my soft landing by road, apply for my permanent resident card and then come back to the United States the same day by road?( I am on my h1b). I say this because of the recent h1b bar in the works. My friend who is a PR holder came to the US day before on H1B.
  2. After my soft landing how much time (maximum) do I have to finally move to Canada?
  1. (Not sure of ‘H1B bar’). When you apply for the PR Card, the officer asks for ‘your address’. You cannot provide foreign address for the card to be mailed or officers won’t agree for you friend to mail your card. Plan accordingly.
    Also, remember to bring a list of goods to follow, in case you plan to move with some belongings like furniture, jewelry, car etc.

  2. Once accepted as a PR, you are free to choose your stay/travel for the next 5 years. They do assume you are planning to stay at a Canadian address for next 60-90 days to get your physical PR card.

Can’t I give my friends address (she is a frequent traveler to the US), she can bring it with her the next time she comes.

Also, can I enter by land with the COPR, without my PR card?

You can give your friend’s address and he can courier it to you. Tell him not to use Canada post. You have to tackle two issues if you are planning to do soft in immediate future (this/next month): 1) H1B ban is in works but not sure when it will be announced (you will have atleast a day to get back into US) 2) This “may” be a bigger problem: IRCC has mandated 14 days quarantine the moment you enter Canada so you will technically be breaking the law if you try to re-enter US the same day, although, there may be exceptions.

One option which even I am thinking; My friend asked for extension of CoPR to IRCC and they replied with a standard email response. Hope this helps in your decision! See below:
Good day,

Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The Government of Canada is closely monitoring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and any impacts on IRCC clients.

We have forwarded your request to extend the duration within which you can confirm your status as a permanent resident to the responsible office. Please be assured that your application will not be refused if you are unable or unwilling to travel as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If the situation is resolved and you are able to travel within the existing validity of your documents, you may do so. Otherwise, once you and, if applicable, your family members are able to travel, please notify us by using the IRCC Web form. At that time, you will be provided with further instructions.

For more information on the situation and to receive up-to-date information, we invite you to verify our website.


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


PS: I am in a same dilemma, so please keep us posted with the decision you plan to take.

Also, your PR starts the day you do soft landing. You have 3 years to move to Canada but don’t stretch till 3 years and try moving in within 2.5 years.

I am planning the same. Travel by car and leave the same day. When are you planning? Would you mind sharing your experience?

I havent travelled by car and I am waiting for other people’s experience. Do you need to do mandatory 14 day quarantine? Also, I will need to do AVR (automatic revalidation) so waiting to hear from other people