COPR extension and newborn - Need Advice


We are based in US and our COPR expires in September 2020.
Plan was to do soft landing and return back to US in summer. However, due to recent h1b rules, it seems we cannot return back as we cannot get the stamping. I am trying to figure out various options -

  1. Can COPR be extended? If so, how long we can extend it? Do we have to do whole process again or we will miss the chance?
  2. We also have 5 month old. How do we go about adding the newborn in the original application?

Any insight will be helpful.

Thank you

It’s not entirely clear as to what your application state is.

Did you apply for permanent residency before your child was born? And now you’re not a landed immigrant and have a dependent who was not listed on the original application?

If this is indeed the case, then unfortunately your COPR is void and you can’t land in Canada as a permanent resident. You need to contact IRCC immediately and let them know of the dependent and they will advise you of the next steps.

Sorry I should have been clear. Yes, baby was born prematurely in pandemic and we did not get to land before she came.
I will check with IRCC for next steps.

Congratulations on the newborn and I hope that she is doing well. I think that the IRCC needs to re-evaluate the application based on the dependent status(and since children don’t have any points associated positive or negative) it shouldn’t be a big deal. They might require that all of you get fresh medicals but overall it should hopefully be a smooth process.

Best of luck.

You have to let IRCC know immediately because this is considered to be one of the major changes in your application. There would be no impact on the point however, you have to add the newborn, provide passport details, birth certificate and complete medical examination.