COPR -soft landing (travel by road v/s air)

Hello Community - Me and my spouse recently got our COPR recently expiring June’22. Planning to do soft landing before that expires.

I wanted to understand if there’s a difference in how we enter Canada - by Air v/s drive down

Can someone also help me in advising - if one location is better/different in terms of soft-landing. Is it better if I go to Toronto/Montreal/Qubec or are they all same? I hear general sentiment that if I drive down from US (NY tri-state area) to Toronto then COPR validation timeline was pretty bad during COVID times - took almost 4-5 months to get your PR card whereas if one had gone to Montreal - this would have been 30 days or less.

Additionally, for the soft landing my priority should be to get the PR card, SIN and healthcare registration - did I cover it all?

Apologies in advance for basic clarifications but greatly appreciate everyone’s help to clarify.


May I know how long the COPR is valid for? June -22 is only 2 months away. I am worried they’d ask me to come to Canada within 2 months since I am stuck in India without a visa slot.