COPR visa validity

Hi, I recently received my COPR and the visa to complete the landing procedure. The COPR clearly states that the validity of the visa cannot be extended. My visa is currently valid until March 2022. Does anyone know if the validity can be extended under circumstances that are beyond one’s control, especially during the COVID19 travel bans and restrictions? To elaborate, I am currently on an H1B in the US but my H1B visa is not stamped on my passport, I only have my I797-A. I do want to move to Canada but cannot do so immediately due to certain personal issues. So in order for me to complete the soft landing process in Canada before March 2022 and return to the US on my H1B, I need to get my H1B stamped which I cannot do right now because consulates in India are not open for regular H1B processing. Does anyone have any info or experience as to if the visa to complete the Canadian PR landing process can be extended/renewed under such circumstances? Thank you in advance!

You can probably use the AVR process

Thank you, will check it out, though should note that this H1B visa is a one following a new job I took up last year. So does it mean that the chances of the visa renewal issued by CIC for landing purposes are very slim?

You could possibly try raising a web form. My copr expired in July and I am waiting for them to send me a “ready to travel” email. For an expiry of March 2022, I am not sure if they’ll do the covid extensions anymore based on this text from their site (things could change of course based on variants n stuff)

“ We expect people with a COPR and permanent resident visa that are valid until October 1, 2021 or after to have enough time to come to Canada before their documents expire.”

Thank you, will check it out!