Cost basis for RSU vested in USA

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I am filling t1135 form, there I am reporting the RSU’s I hold in my E trade account.
These RSU I got while I was working in USA.

I moved to Canada permanently ( soft landing in 2019 ) on Sep 15, 2020. After researching little bit, I found the total value of the stocks I need to report on the form is

market fair value on Sep 15 * number of stocks I hold.

New cost basis value of the stocks will be the value on the day I became resident for tax purposes.
The RSU’s are still in my US Etrade account

Please correct me If am wrong.


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Guys please help here

I am not sure about RSU’s in terms of taxes, never dealt with them before. I would recommend talking to a licensed tax rep (file for extension with IRS if you need more time)