COVID19 Layoff and Paystubs

Hello, I have got an ITA through CEC(Canadian Experience Class) Program. Currently, I am on temporary lay off due to most obvious reason Covid-19 and not receiving my pay cheques or pay stubs. I do have my old pay stubs with me but not the most recent one. Does anyone can guide, should I just upload the pay stubs I have with me before the lay off period? And do I need to write an explanation letter for this matter?

Yes put paystubs, previous tax returns and relieving letter etc. Add explanation letter.

Ok Thank you! and do you think ROE(Record of Employment) would be a good option to show them that I am on a temp lay off right now or just a simple explanation letter will be fine?

Giving extra information is not bad thing. Letter of explanation is needed.

Yeah, that is what I am going to do. Thank you for your time and help.