Creating 2 profiles at different times for express entry to increase chances


Hi All,
One of my friend is planning to apply for express entry this year. Situation is , he has given IELTS already , waiting for scores while his wife is going to give IELTS only in July. If he applies just by himself with Band 9 ,
immediately (because his wife is yet to give IELTS) he will get CRS score around 430. However if he waits till July and his Wife also makes Band 9 , he can get a score close to 440 increasing their chances. His question is, can he apply creating a profile with just himself this April after he gets his CRS score , wait till July and if the score never goes below 430 , can he withdraw his profile and create a new one on july after he receives his wife’s IELTS score too. This way there is just one profile active at a time just that it will have the scores from his wife too to get close to 440.

OR , is it not OK for this friend to withdraw his first profile and then apply again a new profile with his wife?
This is purely to increase the chances of getting ITA since we never know when the CRS scores can drop to get qualified in a year … While there is no guarantee about the future CRS scores, atleast going by last year 2017 , the scores went to 413 which is a golden oppurtunity that should not be missed if it happens again before july this year. Hence this question.



what about ECA? he or she needs ECA also in addition to IELTS score…

also i think no need to delete profile… as you can update information later…
assuming he will create his profile as primary but will also add wife and will not add her score or eca…


You can create and delete profiles as many times as you want as long as one person does not have multiple profiles active at the same time. To be more specific, your friend can keep your current profile in the pool as long as you want and when his wife gets her IELTS score he can deactivate and create a new one for both of them.


Thank you Anshul. That answered my question. Thanks for your time …


Thanks for your reply “srhere”. ECA is done for both. The only differentiating factor would be the IELTS scores.
The problem with updating information with just one profile is that, when the profile is created first, it should specify if applying alone or together. The scenario here is , while combined profile will get better points , it will have to wait till July. What is the score drops below 430 before july? So it is better to apply alone right now and try your luck till July and if scores dont drop, deactivate that profile and create a new one with wife included. From Anshul’s answer below, looks like we can do that as far as there is just one active account …


but it will be wrong… your score alone is 430 (mentioning that spouse will not travel with you)… whereas If you mention spouse will travel and without her IELTS score then ur score probably drop to 400-410…

and suppose u create profile with 430 and you get ITA… and then you cannot add your wife with her IELTS and ECA later as it will be an issue… because although with wife score is 440 but it will considered from/on the day of ITA where u would have ur score as 400-410 with wife… or u can still refuse ITA and create or update profile…

if you don’t get ITA meanwhile then yeah u can modify or create or delete profiles …not a problem…

i read all this in the past from multiple forums.,


You can keep your profile with unaccompanying spouse and wait for score to drop. If you get an ITA add spouse later to PR application after your landing ( it might take slightly longer for her to get PR). If you don’t get an ITA and her score gives you more points then create new profile with both of you and submit that.


Great explanation “srhere”. It is more clear now. I think I should have mentioned in my original question “If I didnt get ITA till july, then delete profile with mine only with 430 and add new profile adding wife’s scores” to try with 440 FROM JULY. If i receive an ITA with 430 , there is no need for another profile , instead add spouse later to PR after landing I think like Anshul mentioned in another reply below. Anyway, thanks again for the details. It really helps


Thank you again Anshul. This clarifies “adding spouse later after landing” situation even better.


To Clarify, I meant creating a new family class sponsorship application after you get your PR upon landing.


OK Got it Anshul … Thank you