Cross w Goods, exit to USA, then recross with goods again?

Hi all,

We’ve just received our COPRs and are looking forward to finally making the move this summer. We have most of our belongings in OR, USA, (a small U-haul truck worth) though are currently living between VT, USA and France. We are planning to move to Ottawa for a few months in a furnished apt or air bnb, then possibly transition to another city or province after we’ve had time to explore. We are exploring a couple options for logistics and wondering if the following would be legal and valid or if we might run into GTF/import issues:

-travel to Oregon, collect our belongings in a small truck, cross the border in BC, then drive across Canada from BC to Ottawa (we’re hoping to take our time and explore along the way). This would mean declaring everything at the border in BC.
-we then arrive in Ottawa with our U haul of stuff, but as we’d be in a small temporary rental, we ideally would not actually want out stuff with us until we find a longer term place. We would ideally like to drive the U haul to VT where we have family who would let us leave our stuff in their garage.
-IF we drove our already declared truckload back OUT of Canada to Vermont, and then several months later tried to bring it back up to Ottawa, would we have to import it? would we pay taxes? would this cause issues? What if we drove it up in small bits at a time just with a small passenger car?

Thanks for any tips!