CRS points with age + experience + Global Talent Stream

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My question is about moving to Canada on a Global Talent Stream visa and then applying for PR after gaining some experience. I am a professional in the software industry, 41 years of age, residing in US and undergoing green card process under EB2 (started last year). With the uncertainty around the H1 extension in US, I am exploring the option of moving to Canada.
My CRS points calculation with an optimistic IELTS puts me at 404. This does not look enough for the PR cutoff and I understand that my age puts me at a distinct disadvantage in the calculation.
However I also noticed that if I add a hypothetical 2 years of Canadian work experience (and also add 2 years to my age), I get a significant points bump up to 475 - which increases my chances of getting selected int he PR draw.
So my question is - Is this a realistic scenario - If I get through the Global talent stream, work in Canada for 2 years so that I come close to the probable cut off for the PR and then apply? I would like to know the advantages or dangers of trying this.

You mean deduct two years from age. I wish they didn’t have age in the point system its ageist. You don’t have to spend two years working in Canada if you have a job offer you can claim “Arranged Employment” and get 50 - 200 extra points.

What is arranged employment for the Federal Skilled Worker Prog?

Thanks for your reply, . I had factored in a job offer with my calculation. Without a job offer my score reduces by a further 50 points on the calculator at .

I see that the additional points due to employment should range from 50-200. What are the additional factors that may push my score for existing job offer from 50 towards 200?

You get 200 points for NOC 00 positions those are positions who’ NOC code begins with 00. These are usually high level management positions. And for others which are NOC 0, A or B positions you get 50 points.