CRS score 426, PNP possibilities in 2019

Hello everyone .

I’m a software engineer with over 14years of experience. My Express entry profile is currently active with all the required info including ECA and IELTS (R:7.5,W:7.5,S:8.5,L:8) . I’m 38 years old & have a CRS score of 426.

What are my chances of geting PNP this year and what can i do to improve the same, as i dont see much possibility of getting ITA without PNP ( last CRS cut off being around ~440)

I think improving your ielts score is the only option. 0.5 or 1 mark jump can make your score considerably better. Also If you are married, then your spouse can also appear for ielts and add to the score. Try various combinations in the crs calculator.

I’m following this, I’m 35 and having to go through PNP as I do not have enough points for EE alone.

EE scores have not come down for a while.

To give an example, I think your IELTS scores are good, almost the same as mine (only difference Reading I had 8.5). I don’t know how much difference it makes, tbh. And my EE score was 454, and I still didn’t get picked until I got my PNP nomination and approval.

As to your question on “what are my chances of geting PNP this year” - that is almost impossible to answer. PNP nomination seems to be luck of the draw (literally). I’d say just hang tight, and chose whatever province you are interested in - or all, if you don’t have a preference - and submit and wait for the call up.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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