#CRS score around 420 # Full Stack solution Architect

Hi All,

I recently joined movenorth community last week only and willing to apply for Canada PR but I don’t have much knowledge on express entry PR process so need some help from you guys.

Here is my brief background:
Software Full stack Consultant and Solution Architect experience - 13 years (4 years in USA, 8 years in India and 9 months in CANADA(2009)…Applying with Spouse and 2 year old US born kid…

I used CRS calculator to calculate my score based on assumed numbers for IELTS scores for me and my wife (band 7 )and I got CRS score of 420 so I think my score is not enough as per the current cut off

Q – Is there any way to get the points for my previous Canadian work experience of 9 months?

I worked as a full stack developer and have experience in Java/ Node.js/ Python/ AWS/ Salesforce/ Terraform/ Angular Js/ ExtJs and Sterling commerce so basically I am having significant amount of experience on in demand technologies.

Q – I know that it is not easy to get Job offer when you are not physically present in Canada so just wanted to know if there is any way to increase my chances to get job interviews while I am not in Canda. I am in pacific time zone so I can attend calls but I cannot go for on-site or face to face interviews so is there is any Job seeker visa category that I can use.

Please provide your thoughts / suggestions for my situation.

Your English looks good enough. Try maximum IELTS band score (8.0 and above in all sections for both of you) and you should try to achieve that in the test for maximum points.

Your experience seems to be in NOC 2173 (s/w engineer) throughout.

You need to get letter from the employer or client for Canadian experience if < 1 year experience is accepted. You should get two separate letters, one for the Canadian and rest for overseas (USA, and/or India separate) per employer and location.
Did you add the Canadian experience during CRS calculator? If there’s an option for < 1 year, i.e. if there is “None” and “< 1 year” try less than a year thing. If not, then you may have to request additional points during final application submission by adding in a letter of explanation. (edit: if you get ITA additional points may not matter).

For overseas experience you can get points for maximum 3 years so you can decide whether to get reference letters either for India or USA. If it’s the same employer but different clients then a single letter might suffice but you will get points only for 3 years out of 11+.

The best way to approach job hunt in Canada is to get in touch with recruiters for specific companies and request interviews. Applying online in bulk may not give you the same results as a personal LinkedIn touch. This is before your PR so you may not have same leverage as after PR.

Thanks Anshul for your detailed response. I appreciate it and it will be really helpful for me.