Currency traders: USDCAD prediction?

Hello Experts,

I have moved a little USD to CAD to have a start in Canada but the current rate is very low. When we convert hundred thousands, even a single cent helps. Any prediction if USDCAD will go up or down? I read few articles online on a prediction but none of them made good sense. Wondering if any currency trader here who can shed some light? Thanks

I guess no one really knows. I read a article with a prediction of it hitting $1.23 CAD for $1 USD by the end of this year and guess what, it is already $1.23. I also have savings sitting in my US bank accounts and plan to move them before the end of this year no matter what the rate would be since I am not sure how it will play out with the interest my savings account pays with Form 1099-INT.

Let’s assume an expert currency trader here says that the USD-CAD will go up or down. What do you do with that information? Money trader’s guess is as good as yours or anyone else’s
Money printer go BRRR


Anybody able to open a USD account in a Canadian bank all online? or you had to visit branch?

The rates were great (1USD ~ 1.4CAD) in March of 2020.

I have opened USD accounts in the Canadian bank branches. One of the banks told me if you have cheque from the US bank you can deposit that in your Canadian USD account.

Online. Once you open a local checking account, most banks will allow you to open a USD dollars account in few clicks. I have tried with TD and scotia.

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Just to get outlook - which sometimes helps :slightly_smiling_face: