Current CRS score 453 for FSW, sibling with PR moving to Canada soon, Should I wait for Sibling Points?

Dear Movnorth Community,

I have a CRS score of 453 as of today and I’m planning to submit my Express Entry profile in Federal Skilled Worker(FSW) category. Please help me by answering the following questions.

  1. The recent cut off score is 450 and will I get an ITA if the threshold of CRS score is less than 453 in the next draw?

  2. My brother resides in the USA and he received his Canada PR card recently, but he hasn’t moved to Canada yet so I cannot use sibling points as of today. He is planning to move to Canada in the next 2 months. Is it advisable to wait until he moves there so that I can claim an additional 15 sibling points and increase my CRS score to 468? Will I stand a better chance to get an ITA with the higher CRS score by waiting for 2 more months?

  3. If I decide to submit my Express Entry profile today and end up waiting for ITA for 2 or 3 months, at that point, can I edit/add my sibling points later to my submitted profile to increase the score to 468 ???

Please help!

Thanks in advance!

Why not just apply? Once you get ITA it doesn’t matter whether your sibling has PR or not. It will be processed the same way. You will be in the pool anyway and even if scores go up, you can then update your profile and that will reflect new score.

  1. Yes; But what if the CRS>453? You lose out on minimum 2 weeks.
  2. You’ll get an ITA when cutoff<your CRS. Each ITA is valid for 2 months. If any objective is being solved by delaying the entire process, then it’s your call.
  3. Yes
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Thank you very much for your reply! I appreciate your response.

Thank you for your response!