Current WES ECA timelines?


Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, but did not find any latest information or thread with current WES ECA timelines.

For those who have got their ECA done in the last 2-3 months from WES, could you provide info on how much time in calendar days it took you from Document Acceptance to ECA done ?

(May be we can keep this as a live thread as timelines keep changing every 6 months, and will be helpful to future applicants for planning their course)


In our case, WES received all our (me & my spouse) documents on June 4th 2018 & evaluation was completed on June 22nd 2018.


Thank you @arte.

When you say they received the document on June 4th, do you mean
a) your courier/envelope reached them on June 4th
b) you received an update from WES stating that Review of application documents is complete

I got an email today that “This is to advise you that we have received all required documents. We will now begin to prepare your evaluation report”

On WES portal it says “Your evaluation is in progress. You are not required to do anything at this time.
Your evaluation is due for completion on 11/29/2018”

I am not sure whether this means the actual evaluation is complete or they have just first-passed reviewed the documents sent.



WES received my documents on 10/9/2018.
Evaluation completed on 11/6/2018. PDF report available for download.
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) - edelivery - 11/6/2018
Waiting for the hard copy arrive though standard mail.




Yes, I meant my courier / envelope with documents reached them on June 4th. I had received an email similar to what you received on June 4th.

It means they have received all documents and will start the evaluation process.


Thanks @arte.

So looks like there were 18 calendar days between WES receiving the documents and you getting the electronic report.

For me, this period could be more than 30 days. As my courier was received by WES on 10/22 and they updated the status on 11/09 that they received my documents.

Anyway, I have to wait till 11/29 as thats what they have told will be when my final report will be available.


@usa2can -
To clarify, June 4th was the date they said they have received the documents. I do not remember what the courier tracking was saying at that time.

They are pretty good about delivering on the date they have committed to. In your case it will be 11/29.