Customs charges incurred after shipping GTF goods via UPS

Did anybody get stuck with a massive customs bill (import fees, duties, etc.) for shipping their goods (GTF) after landing in Canada? I used UPS to ship a few small boxes to Canada from the US. The CBSA agent at the time of my landing had said that as long as I give the freight company -the stamped GTF, stamped Personal Effects Accounting document and stamped Casual Goods Accounting showing $0 in all the fields including duties, etc., no customs fees would be incurred as the law allows a “settler” to bring their used items to Canada duty free. And I did bring the items I had with me at the time of landing for free.

I’m very confused and wondering if somebody else had a similar experience. I cannot reach UPS Canada Brokerage at the moment, but I’m wondering if I should go to the border and might be able to resolve the issue by releasing my goods in person?

So did you give all those documents/copies to UPS when you shipped and told them all should be duty free??

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I gave them everything- dotted my I’s, crossed by T’s. I had to eventually fight the charges on the phone and via email with UPS Canada Brokerage team. It worked in my favor but it was quite a hassle.
I’ve talked to one other person who’s going through the same thing right now with UPS. Its surprising given that UPS must’ve shipped GTF of landed immigrants so many times and yet they act as it they don’t know what to do. I’m not sure if FEDEX would’ve been different.

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Hi @Reyrey , we are also planning to send some boxes through UPS from the USA to Canada next month. Can you please guide us on this. I have been looking around for information but not landing with accurate details. Would be great if you can share your experience with customs also.

I have a slightly different issue and because this was GTF related topic I thought of posting it here.

When we did our soft landing in 2019, the border agent signing our COPR quickly recognized we were there for ‘soft landing’ and weren’t moving to Canada on that day. He refused to stamp our GTF list and asked to bring this list when we actually move to Canada.

Has anyone been in a similar situation ?

Do you guys think I will be responsible for massive import duties when we actually move to Canada come January? Any advise on how to fight it if this truly happened?